Automatic Trimming Damper (ATD).

What’s the benefit?

The ATD is used to adjust the flow within pulverized fuel feeders between mills and burners.

The ATD is designed robust and compact with the 4 drive units parallel with the feeder pipe.

What does it do?

The Automatic Trimming Damper (ATD) is used to adjust the flow of pulverised coal and bio-fuel in feeder pipes between mills and burners and is flanged into each pulverised fuel-feeder pipe.

How does it do it?

The flow is adjusted by two flaps moving back and forth and thus creating a diamond-shaped central opening. The two flaps are synchronically moved by 2×2 gear motors that are placed parallel to the feeder pipe and are in direct contact with the flaps through a gearing.

The ATD has a control panel for activation of the two flaps. The panel has a digital display which shows the percentage the ATD is presently open (i.e. the area of the actual opening compared to the area of the full cross section of the fuel pipe expressed in percent).

At receipt of electrical signals it is closing or opening the orifice created by the two flaps. The flaps are moving from opposite sides and form an adjustable diamond shaped opening centrally placed in the cross section of the pipe

What are the technical details?

Application: Balancing of PF flow in PF feeder pipes

Drive units: Geared motors

Power supply: 230V/50Hz or s required

Air supply: Min. 6 bar clean oil-free air

Dimension: According to customers pipe

Material: Flaps in special wear resistant alloy
Housing in mild steel

Operating temp.: Max. 150°C

Sensors: Position sensors

Control Panel: PLC with integrated HMI