Mobile Sampling Container (MSC).

What’s the benefit?

  • The MSC is particulary useful when the sample must not be contained or carried around in a small bucket.

What does it do?

The Mobile Sample Container (MSC) is designed to receive sampled material in large quantities, for easy transport to the laboratory or to a sampling preparation facility.

How does it do it?

The MSC consists of a container with material intake at the top, which is placed on a roller board with wheel brakes and a hydraulic lift. The bin itself is equipped with a release handle for tilting and emptying through the front. Internal oblige angles ensure easy and full emptying of the container. The MSC is manually powered.

What are the technical details?

Roll Board Dimension: 910 x 500 mm

Bin Capacity: Four different capacities ranging from 50 l-200 l.

Max Height, roll board: 1.300 mm

Max Load: 350 kg

Material, roll board: Painted Steel, blue

Material, collector bin: AISI304

Wheel Dimension: 125 m