Sample Magazine Long (SM-L).

What’s the benefit?

  • The SM-L consists of multiple buckets. Thus, a filled bucket does not immediately need to be manually replaced with an empty one saving costs and time.
  • The SM-L compared to the SM version can be customized with space for additional buckets to meet any requirements for storage capabilities.
  • The design ensures no risk of moisture loss or cross-contamination.

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What does it do?

The Sample Magazine Long (SM-L) is designed to automatically fill sample buckets with bulk materials after the sampling process has been completed. The SM-L prevents cross-contamination and moisture loss of the samples gathered. The SM-L also act as a storage device since it has multiple buckets installed inside. The long version (SM-L) compared to the SM version enables a customized device with a larger buffer for both empty and full buckets.

How does it do it?

The SM-L consists of a turntable where the sample buckets are installed. The material enters through a top mounted inlet opening and then falls into a dedicated bucket. To avoid spillage, the bucket is first lifted towards the opening.

When the bucket has been filled, normally after a number of increments, the bucket is lowered again. Thereafter, the turntable automatically rotates, and an empty bucket is lifted and ready to be filled. The SM-L version consists of a specially designed back panel that connects one slanting roller-table to the inlet and another to the outlet. This creates a line of sampling containers of both empty and filled buckets. The length and thus the line of sampling can be customized to meet any requirements in terms of number buckets.

The filled buckets can be manually removed through an access door. The access door is fitted with a safety switch that deactivates the turntable and allows safe removal of the buckets.

What are the technical details?

Details to follow..


1. The SM-L can come in a tight version where the buckets are lifted against a gasket to ensure that they are sealed at all times.

2. The SML can include an electronic identification system that tags the bucket to enable easy and correct handling. The technology is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

3. It is possible to program the SM to track different batches of material. Thus, buckets A, B and C will have material from batch A, B and C. The buckets will move back and forth to ensure that the right batches fall into the right bucket.